Terms and Conditions

1. Acceptance

The undersigned (“the Applicant”) hereby acknowledges that he/she shall be liable for the payment of the monthly fees in respect of the child-minding services as more fully explained in clause 2 hereof.

2. Terms of Payment

The monthly fees shall be determined by Exclusive Kids Academy from time to time. Parents shall be advised, in writing, of changes to any fees payable to Exclusive Kids Academy or any of its service providers and/or agents. Non-receipt of the notification to changes to any applicable fee shall not invalidate such change to the applicable fees.

The fees of Exclusive Kids Academy shall increase annually.

Monthly school fees (as well as fees for services rendered by other service providers) are due and payable in advance and shall be paid by no later than the 2nd day of the month during which the service is rendered. Exclusive Kids Academy reserves the right to refuse access to the Applicant and his/her child/children if the fees that are due have not been paid or are outstanding.


The full monthly fees are payable even if the child does not attend Exclusive Kids Academy for a period of time.


Should the 2nd day of the month fall on a Saturday, Sunday or Public Holiday then the amount due to Exclusive Kids Academy shall be payable on the preceding ordinary working day.  


Payments made after the 2nd day of a month (as well as arrears) shall be subject to the maximum interest rate permissible under the National Credit Act and its regulations. 


Every payment by the Applicant arising out of or in connection herewith shall be made at the address of Exclusive Kids Academy, free of any deductions and without setoff on the due date and without demand.


The Applicant shall be liable to pay collection commission, all attorney/client fees and tracing fees (if applicable) in the event that Exclusive Kids Academy has to institute legal action to recover any amount outstanding to it by the Applicant.


Fees may be paid either by means of a cash payment at the premises of Exclusive Kids Academy (please ensure that you receive an official Exclusive Kids Academy receipt with the correct amount recorded thereon) or by means of an internet transfer or by direct bank deposit. The school’s bank account number is:

Exclusive Kids Academy

First National Bank / Cheque Account

Account Number: 62####24008

Branch: 250655


Please ensure when making the payment that you use the child’s name and surname as the reference of the payment.  Proof of payments must be submitted at the school.


Exclusive Kids Academy reserves the right to withhold any academically and/or other information concerning the Applicant’s child or children’s progress if any fees are outstanding or not paid in full.


A non-refundable amount of six hundred and fifty rand, R650.00, is payable on receipt of enrolment form for registration.  No enrolment form will be accepted without the registration fee.  This registration fee is a yearly payment and is for administration cost, stationary and toiletries and is not refundable.

3. Notice


Should the Applicant wish to remove his/her child/children from Exclusive Kids Academy, then the Applicant shall be obliged to give Exclusive Kids Academy one calendar month’s written notice.

For purpose of this clause a calendar month notice shall mean from the first day of the month until the first day of the next month (for example,  notice given on 15 March shall only have effect from 01 April and the agreement shall terminate one calendar month later, on 01 May). 

Despite the provisions of this clause, the Applicant may not give notice for the months of November and December. The fees for December are fully payable.

Notice to terminate this agreement for the end of December must be handed in at the office by no later than the end of October. 

Exclusive Kids Academy shall be entitled to give the Applicant shorter notice of the termination of this agreement in the event of a material breach of this agreement as well as a breach or non-compliance with any standing operational procedures, code of conduct or other policies of Exclusive Kids Academy.

Such shorter notice by Exclusive Kids Academy to the Applicant may be verbal or in writing.

Should Exclusive Kids Academy in its opinion believe that the Applicant’s child is not suited to be a student at the school for any reason whatsoever, it may in its sole discretion terminate this agreement by providing the Applicant with 5 days written notice of its intention to terminate.

The Applicant shall nevertheless be obliged to pay for the calendar months’ notice and the remainder of the month in which the child was removed from school.  

4. School Hours


The school hours are strictly from 6h00 to 17h30, Monday to Fridays, excluding Public Holidays, when the school shall be closed.

Should the Applicant’s child/children be collected after 17h30, a late collection fee of R150.00 (one hundred and fifty rand) for every ten minutes after 17h30 will be charged to his/her account. This amount may be amended from time to time at the sole discretion of Exclusive Kids Academy.

No unauthorised person or children under the age of 18 will be allowed to collect the Applicant’s child or children from Exclusive Kids Academy. Exclusive Kids Academy must be informed if any other person will collect the Applicant’s child or children from school.  Please furnish us with the person’s identity number, name and surname and a short description of the features of the person concerned.

The school shall be closed for the December Holidays from approximately 15 December until approximately the second Tuesday of January. The specific details in this regard will annually be communicated to Applicant’s by no later than end October.


The full school fees shall be payable, despite the closure of the school during this period. The exact dates will be communicated in writing to the Applicant. 

5. Indemnity


Although every precaution necessary will be taken to prevent accidents, neither Exclusive Kids Academy and/or Word and Power Ministries nor any of its employees, agents, guests, facilitators, representatives or anyone acting on its behalf shall be held liable for any injury, be it physical, emotional or psychological or howsoever caused to the child whilst under the control of Exclusive Kids Academy and/or Word and Power Ministries, be it as a result of gross negligence or otherwise.

Exclusive Kids Academy and/or Word and Power Ministries shall further be indemnified and held harmless by the Applicant against any claim of whatsoever nature and howsoever arising whether in contract or delict, which may be brought against Exclusive Kids Academy and/or Word and Power Ministries, its members, employees, agents, guests, facilitators by any other third party.

If and when the Applicant’s child or children are being transported by Exclusive Kids Academy and/or Word and Power Ministries, for whatever reason, (including but not limited to outings, collecting or dropping off) it will be at the Applicant’s and child’s own risk. 


Exclusive Kids Academy and/or Word and Power Ministries (including all its employees and or any person acting on behalf of Exclusive Kids Academy and/or Word and Power Ministries) shall not be liable in respect of any injury sustained or damage suffered by the Applicant’s child or children.


6. Transport Facility


Exclusive Kids Academy has a transport facility available to all parents and children to collect and/or drop off children from or at home and to collect children at their primary school and for outings that are away from the premises of Exclusive Kids Academy.  Exclusive Kids Academy reserves the right to limit the area of operation of the service. The fees applicable for this service shall be determined by Exclusive Kids Academy from time to time.  Exclusive Kids Academy reserves the right to levy an additional amount on users of this transport facility when high fuel prices necessitate such levy.


7. School property


In the event that property of the school is damaged by the Applicant’s or his/her child or children, the Applicant will be responsible for any and all costs to replace or repair the damaged property.


8. Breach


The Applicant shall be in breach of this agreement if the Applicant fails to make payment of any amount due and payable to Exclusive Kids Academy on its due date or the Applicant being placed under administration or is sequestrated or by virtue of the attachment of the assets of the Applicant in any judicial process.

In the event of the breach of this agreement by the Applicant, Exclusive Kids Academy may elect to cancel this agreement with or without notice in the sole discretion of Exclusive Kids Academy. 

Exclusive Kids Academy reserves the right to proceed with legal action against the Applicant without further notice.

9. Duration and Termination


This contract shall operate for an indefinite period and is subject to the notice periods as set out in clause 3 above.

10. Costs


All legal and collection costs, including attorney and own client costs, tracing fees, charges and disbursements incurred by Exclusive Kids Academy in collecting or endeavouring to collect all or any amount payable by the Applicant hereunder, shall be for the account of the Applicant and payable on demand.

11. Certificate of indebtedness


The indebtedness of the Applicant to Exclusive Kids Academy in terms of this contract shall be determined and conclusively proved for all purposes by a certificate signed on behalf of Exclusive Kids Academy.


12. Jurisdiction          

The Applicant hereby consents, notwithstanding the amount of the claim, to the jurisdiction of the Magistrates Court.

13. Emergency Medical Treatment, Illness, Injury and Medication


Exclusive Kids Academy cannot accept responsibility for extremely sick children, those running high temperatures, vomiting, with eye infections, or that have diarrhoea or head lice.

In the event of the Applicant’s child or children contracting any infectious disease, Exclusive Kids Academy must be notified immediately. Children with infectious diseases may not be sent to Exclusive Kids Academy until certified by the Applicant’s doctor

Please ensure that any and all allergies that your child or children may have is recorded on the enrolment form.

The administration of medication to any child by a member of the personnel of Exclusive Kids Academy may only be performed upon the written consent of the Applicant or the other parental party.  The Applicant or the other parental party of the child or children must specify what medication is to be administered, the quantity that must be given and what time the medication must be administered.  The Applicant or the other parental party of the child or children must clearly state their name and sign at this instruction.

The Applicant or the other parental party of the child or children hereby consent to the administration of any emergency medical assistance, namely first aid, as is deemed appropriate, by Exclusive Kids Academy, in the event of injury to the child.          


Should the Applicant’s child or children require emergency medical treatment the Applicant hereby gives Exclusive Kids Academy authority to take such child to the nearest doctor or medical facility. The Applicant shall remain liable for the costs incurred by such emergency medical treatment.


14. General


This agreement constitutes the whole and entire agreement between the parties and there are no other agreements, representations or warranties between the parties other that those specifically set forth herein.

No amendment, variation or modification of this agreement shall be of any force of effect unless the same is confirmed in writing and signed by all the parties hereto.

No indulgence on the part of either party in exercising any right conferred upon such party in terms of this agreement shall constitute a waiver or novation of any such right, nor shall any single or partial exercise of any right preclude any other of future exercise thereof or the exercise of any other right under this agreement.

Exclusive Kids Academy shall be entitled, without notice to the Applicant, to cede, transfer or assign its rights under this agreement to any third party.

The person responsible for the account and preferably both parents must sign the agreement and supply with the signed agreement and enrolment form a copy of their identity document.  Also a copy of the child or children’s birth certificate must accompany this signed agreement and enrolment form.






For safety reasons we do not want students walking to the classrooms alone.  Children cannot be dropped off at the gate or parking lot.  Please walk your child into the classroom and allow the teacher to acknowledge you and your child. Prompt arrival at pick-up time reassures your child and provides them with a sense of security.


For the safety of your child, once your child is picked up from the teacher/classroom, you are accountable for your child’s actions and whereabouts for your time remaining on the property.


Please if possible greet your child at the door and try to leave as quickly as possible even if the child is crying so that your child can change from his/her home environment to the school environment.


If your child is still upset after a reasonable amount of time, we will contact you.


A staff member must be informed when your child is fetched from the school.



  • Full-Day:         6:00 – 17:30 (We Close at 17:30)

  • Half-Day:         7:00 – 13:00

Kindly note that should you fetch your child after these hours that you will receive a fine as stipulated on the Terms and Conditions.


Kindly make sure that your child is at school no later than 08h20 as we start with our daily lessons. Grade R must be at school no later than 08h00.




Breakfast is served from 07h30 – 08h00. If your child arrives after 08h15, no breakfast will be served.


The school provides breakfast, a morning snack, lunch, and an afternoon snack for all toddlers. PLEASE DO NOT SEND WITH EXTRA SNACKS.


Please do not send sweets with to school.


Tuck-shop will strictly only be on Wednesdays & Fridays. Money can be send with the child to school. Please be sure to write the amount in the communication book.





Please never put medicine in your child’s bag! Always give it directly to the teacher on duty or hand it over at reception.


If you bring medicine to school that your child needs to take, please fill in the medicine register that is in front of your child’s communication book and sign it!


  • No medicine will be given to a child if the medicine register is not filled in and signed!

  • No chronic medication will be given unless it has the correct child’s details on it and has been prescribed by a medical doctor! Note: We only administer medication orally!

  • Please provide the necessary items to administer the medication!



When illness occurs, parents often are not sure when it is best to keep a child home or send them to class. Good judgment and sensitivity to your child will often provide the best basis for your decision. To further assist you in making your decision, we offer the following guidelines.

Do not send your child to school if:

  • Fever is greater than 38°+

  • Vomiting

  • Stiff neck or headache and fever

  • Pinkeye – (tears, redness of eye or eyelid, swelling and discharge)

  • New on-set of rash with concurrent or proceeding fever

  • Persistent diarrhoea

  • Excessive coughing or runny nose

When children have any of the above symptoms, they should not come to school.  If children have had a fever of 38° or over, wait until your child is fever-free for 24 hours before returning to school. Lingering congestion, cough and tiredness may still be serious enough to prevent your child from engaging in learning activities.  If you are not sure whether your child should come to school, please call the office for advice.





Tuck-shop is available on Wednesday & Friday for all the kids. An amount of R5 – R10 will be more than enough for them. Their sweets will be sent home so that you as the parent can still choose what they get.





We will always try to be on time, however it does happen that we have to wait for another child or we might run into traffic, these events does delay our transport from reaching our destinations in time.

Should this happen we kindly ask that you’ll be patient until the transport arrives.


We ask that all the children please be ready 5-min before the time given by the office/transport for pick-up.


The transport cannot wait for longer than the time given and then it will have to leave to avoid other delays.


If your child will not be using the transport on a certain day or over a period of time, we ask that you please inform the office ahead of time.

Please inform us when to fetch your child again.


Please make sure that there is someone to receive your child at home.

The drop-off time might be earlier or later with 15min than agreed upon in the afternoons, depending on traffic.


Parents will be asked to fetch their children at the preschool if there was nobody to collect the child at home in the afternoons.


Strictly no eating or drinking in the transport vehicles.


Children cannot be left by/handed over to security at their complex/estate.





Our staff will always be there to answer your questions, however we do not always have the time when working with the children. We kindly ask that should you want to speak to your child’s teacher or to the principal that you please make an appointment via the school office.


Should it be urgent please call the office, otherwise please feel free to write in the child’s Communication Book and the teacher will respond accordingly.


Please be considerate of the time when calling the school, our office hours are only from 06h00-17h30 Mon-Fri. We also do not allow our teachers to give out their personal contact details as we feel that their private time needs to be respected with their family’s afterhours.



We ask that when you enter from Third Road that you would please drive cautiously!






ALWAYS KEEP LEFT (Even when exiting into Third Road Again)












Birthdays can be important to a pre-schooler.

Celebrations at school (NOT COMPULSORY) need to be simple and arranged prior to such. During birthdays we do allow for a special treat during our regular classroom snack time FOR THE CHILDREN ONLY.

To conform to regulations, we only allow party packs that contain commercially-produced, store-bought items that are transported in their original containers, unopened and listing all ingredients (Party Packs are send home so that parents can choose what their children are allowed to get)




Food allergies and other food related restrictions require careful selection of appropriate items.


Birthday invitations for parties outside of the school are solely the responsibility of the family.  Invitations may be distributed VIA THE OFFICE at school only if you are inviting the entire class, otherwise please do not send birthday party invitations to school.

No contact information will be given to you to invite the parents.


Your privacy is very important to us.  We periodically take pictures of the children during classroom activities and field trips to let parents see various activities that go on at school and during class time.


If you do not wish to have photographs taken of your child, please stop by the office so that it can be marked on your enrollment form.

When you as the parents are in the classrooms or by the playground, please ensure that you are only taking pictures of your own child.

If you obtain written permission from another child’s parent personally, you are welcome to take pictures of their child as well.


Our intent is to prevent pictures from being published or on public display on social media sites or on the internet.  Internet safety is a very difficult issue for parents and educators; following this policy will prevent images from being used carelessly, or without parent’s knowledge.


Please be considerate of student’s privacy.



Bumps and scrapes are inevitable when children are at play.

If necessary, all accidents will be treated with disinfectant and water to clean the surface and with ice to reduce any swelling (Basic First Aid).


Every effort will be made to inform the parent when picking up the child of such an accident. This is done verbally and/or with the use of an Injury Report form.


Our staff undergoes training of CPR and First Aid.




We are not responsible for lost items.  Many coats and jackets look alike, SO PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO LABEL CLOTHING ITEMS WITH YOUR CHILD’S NAME. 

Items that are labelled can easily be returned to you. 



We kindly ask that the children must please NOT bring toys to school, it does tend to cause a disruption amongst the children in the class.

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