Who are we? 

Exclusive Kids Academy is  a well-established Christian preschool, situated in a peaceful, leafy suburb of Pretoria.

Our Vision 

Our Vision is to guide and educate the growing child in terms of his or her physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual development. We wish to create awareness in each child that he or she is  a unique and special creation and that there is a plan and purpose for their being in this world.

Our Aim

To provide a safe and caring Christian environment where children have the opportunity to grow and develop at their own pace and achieve their full potential at each stage of their development.

Educational Philosophy and Curriculum 

At Exclusive Kids, the curriculum has been developed to cater for the developmental needs and characteristics of the preschool child.

  • Children Experience and Learn from their environment through play.

  • Children’s learning is influenced by the opportunities for play that are provided for them.

  • The child’s stage of development must be taken into consideration when providing opportunities for play and learning.