TIP 1: Schedule your Days

Times will vary depending on if you’re a family of early risers or late sleepers. This, however, is the basic “flow” of our days.

  • Breakfast

  • Chore time

  • The main activity of the day

  • Mid-Morning Snack

  • Free play

  • Lunch

  • Naptime / Quiet time

  • Outdoor play

  • Mid-afternoon snack

  • Screen time

  • Fitness Fun

  • Dinner /. BathTime  / Bedtime

TIP 2: Plan one main activity a day

We’re going to have to learn to let the kids play! We can go back to neat and tidy homes once we are allowed to leave them.

Free Play ideas

* These activities can be completed independently (or with mom). Sometimes the main activity will lead into Free Play – giving mom time to get a few things done before lunch.

  • Lego

  • Puzzles

  • Magnets

  • Age-appropriate board games: Junior Monopoly, Uno, Mindmaster, Twister, Dominos, Hungry Hippos, Memory Match.

  • Busy Books

  • Playdough with specific items such as plastic animals, small stones and marbles for older kids, kids cutlery and plates etc.

  • Blocks etc.

  • Dolls with accessories.

  • Playsets

  • Cars

  • Dressup clothes

  • Encourage imaginative play by setting up a little play scenario such as a flower shop, classroom, repair shop, bistro or beauty salon.

Take a good look at your little one’s toys. See which items they may have forgotten about and reintroduce these. Also, put away excess toys, rather rotating toys weekly to keep things interesting. It may take time for your little one to adjust but kids do need to learn to play on their own, stretching their mind and imagination.

Naptime / Quiet Play

It’s important to slow down and rest – a skill we often neglect teaching our kids. Read to your little one or let them read to you. Make storytime a daily highlight! 

Sometimes simply becoming quiet and lying down together is all that’s needed to doze off. Be patient, this won’t be forever and who knows you may just cultivate a new, good habit.

If sleep just ain’t happening, let them page through books or even watch a movie or short story. It’s okay, we all need the “electronic nanny” from time-to-time.

* A quick note on screentime: Facetime a different family member or friend every day. They will definitely appreciate the call.

Outdoor Play

Fresh air is a must and we spend mornings and afternoons outside. Many of the “Main Activities” mentioned above can be done outdoors too. Depending on where you live, whether you have a backyard, playhouse, swing set or trampoline, we should all make time to play outside.

Take a stroll around the neighborhood, find a quiet park or take the dogs walking. Kick and throw a ball. Run, skip, jump. Exercise as a family.

Lie on a blanket, cloud gazing. Feel the autumn sun on your skin. Climb a tree if you can. Ride your bike.

Remember the simple pleasures we find outside.